Windows Hacking from Guest become Administrator

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Well the article now we will try simple windows hacking ( possible the way of this have a lot of which know), as for we to study that is how getting position from ordinary user or Guest become administrator, since as we know if in windows XP Or Windows of Our 2000 position as ordinary user ( limited account) and or only a Guest, we cannot do something such as install and surely changing system. Nevertheless we earn to do โ€œ coup d’etatโ€ to get position as Administrator. Along of the lowest position is Guest; tell us only can use computer as Guest. Our earn to do checking position of user we use comand : net user user_name or if Guest of typing of net User Guest or net User to see entire/all existing user, so that earn to personate administrator, although the name be really Guest. then typing Script here under use notepad:

@echo off
net localgroup Administrator Guest/add

keep the file by the name of which is not be compromising original administrator. For Example. AdobeLoad.Bat, remember exstenstion have to . BAT. and then place file at folder startup user administrator that is in : C:\Documents And Settings\Administrator\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. Then leav at the post the the administrator run computer or restart computer to run file of AdobeLoad.Bat which have been made. If succeeding to install the trap, reexamine status user by typing of net user or net user Guest in command prompt. Coba see at shares of Local Group Memberships, nowadays you gird two position at one blow. That is as Guest at one blow as administrator.
OK Congratulation to Try ๐Ÿ˜€

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