Functioned File Autoexec.Bat

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File and folder Garbage which still heap [in] harddisk earn to slow down performance of harddisk of itself which in the end earn to cause PC Or Laptop become lelet. Therefore, the importance of cleaning “ garbages” regularly constructively special software for that. But You earn functioned file Autoexec.Bat to clean the garbages harddisk
File Autoexec.Bat file of Run configuraton Windows automatically at the (time) of conducting booting. We earn to paste up script which can clean “ garbages” in harddisk [of] [at] file autoexec.bat so that the script will be run automatically at the (time) of booting.

Its Step the following

1. Open Notepad

2.  type the following comand.
Set temp=c:windows emp
Set tmp=c:windows emp
Echo deleting temporary FilesDeltree /y c:windowscookies*.*
Deltree /y c:windowshistory*.*
Deltree /y c:windows ecent*.*
Deltree /y c:windows emp~1*.*
Deltree /y c:windows emp*.*

3. keep drive C: by the name of “ autoexec.bat”.
4. Finish
Try now, You restart Your PC and ascertain “ Your trash” harddisk PC have been empty at the (time) of PC or Your Laptop booting
Command Deltree / y c:windowscookies*.* will vanish all file/folder which reside in directory c:windowscookies without confirmation beforehand.

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