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As I’ve informed on previoustly post about  my local SEO contes, and after reviewed the polls result, I decided to begin the contest for  3 months, starting from 1st February 2009 and will be end on 1st May 2009 (00:00 GMT+7 / 00:00 WIB).

And I have increased the total of PRIZES as the giveaway of this competition  becoming more than $500.

The Prizes for the competition are as follows:

1st Prize: Rp 5.000.000 +  16Gb USB drive
2nd Prize: Rp 2.000.000 +  8 Gb USB drive
3rd Prize: Rp 1.000.000 +  8 Gb USB drive
4th Prize:  8 Gb USB drive
5th Prize: 8 Gb USB drive
6th Prize: 4 Gb USB drive
7th Prize: 4 Gb USB drive
8th Prize: 4 Gb USB drive
9th Prize: 4 Gb USB drive
10th Prize: 4 Gb USB drive

And the rules for the competition is ?


Please don’t laugh after knowing I haven’t make the rules. There are some reason I decided it. One of the reason is: Does Google make rules/guidelines how to be top 10 in Google? NO, right?
SEO is fun,  why I should make the rules for something that you have to enjoy.

What is the target keywords?
I’ve chosen keyword you need to optimize for:

Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009

How will I determine the winner?

On 1st May 2009, I’ll check on with above keywords and for those whose websites appear on top 10 result will be choosen as the 1st to 10th  winner.

Who can join this contest ?
Anybody can join this contest (individual, team or organization), with any kinds of website engine (CMS, framework, custom site, etc), for any websites with or without having PageRank. Content in Bahasa Indonesia and English are welcome.

How to register .?

Follow this register form, and fill your detail information.

The real battles is out there and so prepare your secret weapon (your unique content) start from now !.

*** NOTE: This announcement probably updated without any confirmation, so stay close to this post.

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