Attrib command to the wrong folder Unhidden Virus

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folderHave you experienced flash disk the contents of important files infected viruses. Although the PC in the house already has anti-virus, which is always on the update every day another problem appears, when the “scan” files that are stored in a folder directly on the “delete” by the anti virus. Oops, vanish all important files … Strangely, the files are not stored in the folder is still intact. More and more bizarre, the remaining space in the Flash Disk is not in accordance with the amount of the remaining files?
The possibility that the folder “deleted before” there is still a hidden condition. There is no other way except to unhidden folders that. How?

* From “Start Menu”, enable the “Run” and type “cmd”.
* The move to Flash Disk drive, eg in the D:
* Type “attrib-r-s-h / s / d”
* Wait until the process is complete

Check in Windows Explorer folders hidden earlier appear again.

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