Baclink Definition

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Backlink is a link directed to your website or your blog. For example: If I write a posting and other webmaster or blogger posting I feel it’s useful, they will give me a link to the posting on their blog or website. The other term is a backlink from incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inwardlinks.
Usefulness Backlink
Backlink is important in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Backlink is a very important factor to measure the popularity of a website or blog. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and other care of the backlink. Backlink can increase the traffic from the web or blog search engine or referral of / direct traffic.

Backlink Tips:

1. To increase the Google page rank of your blog or website, try to get beacklink from the website with high PR;
2. Submit articles to different directories for a backlink. Article Submission is the effective way to get backlink;
3. Regularly to comment on the blog website of others can help you to increase backlink;
4. Submit the URL of your blog or website in the directories to get a free backlink. You can find lots of free directories on the internet with high PR;
5. Social Networking and Social Bookmarking can give you a large amount of quality backlink.

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