How Adding Internet Bandwidth in Windows

Posted in category: Internet, Networking at: 12 May 2009 by Teknisoft Network

internetBasically, Windows Operating System is to limit bandwidth for Internet connection of 20% of the total bandwidth should be maximum.
If we want to increase the bandwidth of the Internet connection that feels faster and faster way to clear or reduce the bandwidth limitation is that the Windows operating system in the maximum we can use the existing bandwidth.

As for how to add Internet Bandwidth in Windows is as follows:

* Click Start
* Click on Run
* Type gpedit.msc
* And then click Ok
* Once entered click Administrative Templates
* And then click Network
* Once open click QoS Packet scheduler
* And then click Limit Reservable Bandwidth
* And after all the settings to be changed Enable
* Then change Bandwidth Limitnya become 0
* Click Apply, ok
* Then exit and restart the computer

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