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This is additional tips from the writings that I have long terpublish based on the self-taught, but would that before you read any posts first “Tip Increasing Blog Traffic, SEO and visitor.” but additional tips on this may all have a lot of people also know how to increase traffic Alexa Rank and Google PageRank for a new blog that you make, but I deliberately write to you only as a blogger beginners. The additional tipsnya is as follows:
1. Make as much as possible sharing with Backlink Blog URL, which is more profitable if you exchange with the URL of the Blog has a good PageRank and traffic, backlink because it is still very influential in the Google PageRank.
2. Register your blog on search engines, so easy terindex example in the URL through google http://www.google.com/addurl
3. Feed URL Submit your blog to sites like technorati.com, Digg.com, mybloglog.com, buzz.yahoo.com and other similar sites so that your blog faster traffic and alexa pageranknya.
4. Submit the URL of blog / website to your Web Site Submission of diinternet.
5. Always entry to your blog through a google search, keyword address with your own blog, because this can be regarded as unique visitors to your blog, rather than access it directly.
6. Keyword Use words that people have not been widely used
7. Submit and promote the URL of your blog through social networking sites such as facebook, friendster and more site.

The only additional tip from me to complete any posts “Tip Increasing Blog Traffic, SEO and Visitors”, but if you do not want to try, such as ways above or want a faster way, you can use optimization services, help with the cost of the quite costly to the Master SEO, but if you insist does not have capital you can also use the software with how SEO Tools IBP, Arelis SEO Studio and to increase traffic and PageRank alexa quickly, and make your blog Being in the Top 10 Search Engines.

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