Be careful ‘terror’ in the PDF File BlackBerry

Posted in category: Security at: 3 June 2009 by Teknisoft Network

Jakarta – Research In Motion (Rim) warn about the existence of a bug in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Professional Software. Bug can be used to turn off the server, or run a malicious program. Reportedly, the bug is the component of the PDF file attachment on the BlackBerry service. According to the rim, a few months last component has been attacked three PDF types of bugs. The rim did not give a clear picture about the security detail was slit. But they say the bug is located in the component PDF files. When you open the attachment on the BlackBerry, the bug can kill the server or run malicious code on the hosting service.

Quoted detikINET from Zdnet, on Monday (1/06/2009), according to the security of Secunia, the bug has been located at the ‘highly critical’, or highly critical. Rim parties acknowledge there is a bug in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server versions 4.1.3 through 5.0, and the BlackBerry Professional Software version 4.1.4. To overcome the ‘terror’, the rim has been providing temporary patch that can be used to slit menambal security is

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