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securityStart from Facebook, email and online bank account passwords to access them. So that the password is not so weak point, see them with the tips sheet paper.
Tips from detikINET following advice from the official company blog antivirus and computer security, F-Secure, on Wednesday (27/5/2009):

1. Write the password on the sheet of paper
2. Only a write password, and do not only with e-mail address or other
3. Do not paste the paper on the monitor, close down the computer or keyboard
4. Save paper in the wallet along with the important things, such as credit cards, ATM cards and identity cards

However, before doing three things at the top, follow the first way to create a secure password. Once the safe-up to this password can only be written on the sheet of paper.
1. Select the initial three characters that relate directly to the site, such as’ I ‘to Yahoo or’ fbk ‘for Facebook.
2. Use differences in capital letters on the initial three characters, such as’ yah ‘or’ I ‘
3. Use random numbers for the next series, for example’6879 ‘
4. Write the three characters and the beginning of a series of random numbers on the paper secaraik
5. Add three random characters that are not written – but remember well the withdrawal for the ATM PIN number – for example ‘@ m3’
6. Three random characters that could be placed in the front, middle or back
7. If you follow the above example, the password it will be: ‘yAh6879 @ m3’ or ‘@ m3yAh6879’ or ‘@ yah m36879’ is written on the paper only secarik ‘yAh6879’

Security of the above method is the three characters are not written. While the password is written to help remember the unique password with random characters.

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