How to create a website using the services of a hosting company

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There are several things to be aware and prepared when you are intending to have a website or blog, things have to be prepared is set up domain names, server hosting, website content and promotion. Domain is the name of the website, such as,, etc. While Hosting is a place to store files on the internet. If likened to a house, then the home address is the domain, and the homes are hosting. We first register the domain that you want, such as After that we need Web Hosting after we have a domain.


For those of you who do not have your own server you can still create a website that is using the Web Services Host who provides a website on the Internet where we live, one of which you can use web hosting services from hostgator or webhostinghub, or you can read some reviews from the web hosting sites that review on the 10 best providers of web hosting service. That’s much cheaper than we buy our own web servers and not have to hire technicians to our server maintenance. Web Hosting Companies provide equipment Hardware, Software, Bandwidth, Data Center and technical services we need without having our own doing.


Next we prepare the content and design that we wish to use to build our website. The design that we create can use certain software to use macromedia dreamweaver or fireworks depending on our will. We can also collect the materials that you will fit on the Internet in the form of text, pictures / images or sound. Text files & pictures will be accessible to Internet users. Once the website so we can not leave it alone without our memanajenya our website. The one way is to promote our website in the world of the Internet itself. One of the most important and proven effective is to exchange banner and register it on the search engine on the internet


We should analyze our website the results of any developments in the internet world. How do visitors each day whether to increase or even otherwise, how it impacts our business is experiencing gains or losses for the sake of analysis we have optimal website as we get up.

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