Free Source Code

17 May 2007 by Teknisoft Network

Lists of Source Code Made by Borland Delphi (Compatible for All Delphi Versions)

  • Move items to Listbox (Download)
  • Form Transparant in Delphi (Download)
  • Detection kind of VGA Card (Download)
  • Multimedia Player in DelphiFnd out Drive Type (Download)
  • Find Out Drive Type (Download)
  • Making Special File (Download)
  • Known CPU Speed on Computer (Download)
  • Application to find out text on TMemo Component (Download)
  • Application for minimized all windows (Download)
  • Edit Box form made Elips (Download)
  • To find password screensaver (Download)
  • Find out fle information on recycle bin (Download)
  • Give text color on status bar (Download)
  • Change color on active component (Download)
  • Formatted Drive A (Download)
  • Source Code Calculator (Download)
  • Enable and Disable System Key (Download)
  • Make once applcation running (Download)
  • MP3 Player (Download)
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