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How to create a website using the services of a hosting company

There are several things to be aware and prepared when you are intending to have a website or blog, things have to be prepared is set up domain names, server hosting, website content and promotion. Domain is the name of the website, such as,, etc. While Hosting is a place to store files […]

Clear CMOS Without Abstracting Battery

The below debug routine will clear CMOS, BIOS, Passwords, Settings, Viruses, and other items residing in the CMOS. During this process you may get returned characters which are an indication that the string has gone in, if you by chance get ERROR ensure that you have typed the line in correctly, if not retype. Ensure […]

Increase Traffic and PageRank with Web Site Submission

Technorati ProfileStill remember with any posts on my previous Tip Increase PageRank and Alexa Traffic Blog, if you have not read, please read first, in any posts is that there are points to improve the alexa traffic and PageRank with one submit url blog / website alias address our submission to the website have on […]

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