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Password saved with the sheet Paper

Start from Facebook, email and online bank account passwords to access them. So that the password is not so weak point, see them with the tips sheet paper. Tips from detikINET following advice from the official company blog antivirus and computer security, F-Secure, on Wednesday (27/5/2009): 1. Write the password on the sheet of paper […]

Be careful ‘terror’ in the PDF File BlackBerry

Jakarta – Research In Motion (Rim) warn about the existence of a bug in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Professional Software. Bug can be used to turn off the server, or run a malicious program. Reportedly, the bug is the component of the PDF file attachment on the BlackBerry service. According to the rim, […]

Fraud Tips talisman on Facebook

Attacks phishing (online fraud) through the Facebook craze. Internet security vendor Kaspersky Lab reveals that malicious code is spread through social networking sites is 10 times more effective menginfeksi, compared with the distribution of malware via email. “Phishing indirection can successfully pretend to be something that was initially visible for legal fishing victim. Stay alert […]