Fraud Tips talisman on Facebook

    Attacks phishing (online fraud) through the Facebook craze. Internet security vendor Kaspersky Lab reveals that malicious code is spread through social networking sites is 10 times more effective menginfeksi, compared with the distribution of malware via email. “Phishing indirection can successfully pretend to be something that was initially visible for legal fishing victim. Stay alert […]

    Attrib command to the wrong folder Unhidden Virus

    Have you experienced flash disk the contents of important files infected viruses. Although the PC in the house already has anti-virus, which is always on the update every day another problem appears, when the “scan” files that are stored in a folder directly on the “delete” by the anti virus. Oops, vanish all important files […]

    Messenger Multi-Login in Google Talk

    If you frequently use chat yahoo, most probably already heard the Multi Login Di Yahoo Messenger, nach to tip this time is not on the yahoo multi login again, but multi-login message in Google Talk, an instant messaging service to communicate with Google. Google Talk allows users who have e-mail account on Google to communicate […]

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