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Clear CMOS Without Abstracting Battery

The below debug routine will clear CMOS, BIOS, Passwords, Settings, Viruses, and other items residing in the CMOS. During this process you may get returned characters which are an indication that the string has gone in, if you by chance get ERROR ensure that you have typed the line in correctly, if not retype. Ensure […]

Windows Hacking from Guest become Administrator

Well the article now we will try simple windows hacking ( possible the way of this have a lot of which know), as for we to study that is how getting position from ordinary user or Guest become administrator, since as we know if in windows XP Or Windows of Our 2000 position as ordinary […]

Articles Parallel port

Less commonly referred to as the Centronics interface or Centronics connector after the company that originally designed it, the port was later developed by Epson. The parallel port is found on the back of IBM compatible computers and is a 25-pin (type DB-25) computer interface commonly used to connect printers to the computer; below is […]